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Our range of product capabilities includes our specialty spray vitamins, as well as powders, for both humans and pets.



SprayLabs, LLC is a decade old FDA registered cGMP manufacturer of dietary supplements located in Phoenix, AZ, USA.



SprayLabs utilizes proprietary technology to ensure the quality and efficacy of our products.

Dr. Clive Spray

Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

Clive received his undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry in the UK, during which time he published his thesis on the analgesic properties of plant-derived natural products. (He received a grant for this research from a pharmaceutical company, who went on to patent some of the discoveries made by Dr. Spray). It was in his post-doctoral studies that his interests were turned more and more toward plant biology, leading to 15 years of research at UCLA, working at the forefront of the mapping of plant genomes, and publishing 27 papers on the subject.

The Many Types of Products


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The active ingredients in our fine mist sprays are fully dissolved into the spray solution. This means important vitamins and minerals do not need to be broken down once swallowed, and are immediately available for use by the body.

Nutritional Sprays

SprayLabs’ primary manufacturing focus is the preparation of Vitamin Sprays (nutraceutical sprays) and we have developed an extensive range of products incorporating this novel technology.

Nutritional Powders

These products have been developed to provide supplementation of nutrients when the required dosages exceed the capabilities of the sprays.

Custom Formulations

We strive for product perfection and our chemists love to innovate. Our team is capable of creating unique state of the art formulas and then deploying these products in a variety of delivery platforms as may be applicable: in a spray, tincture and/or powder.