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Why Choose  SprayLabs?

SprayLabs nutraceutical sprays, tinctures and powders are specifically designed for individuals who expect the best results from their supplement regimen. SprayLabs supplement manufacturing facility uses cutting edge science and state-of-the-art technology to craft premium products that offer maximum benefit to your customers.

Superior Ingredients
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Proprietary Technology
Our Products are:

You can trust the purity and safety of SprayLabs supplement manufacturing as we are both FDA registered and a cGMP facility.

Ethically produced
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Sprays provide a safe and fast way to deliver vitamins and minerals with a level of bioavailability superior to traditional pills or supplements.

The convenience factor is another reason that so many people are turning to sprays. Pills can be hard to swallow and difficult to digest. Our sprays travel easily so that no matter where you are–at the office, in a car, or on the trail–taking your supplements is always simple.

Another factor to consider is that for the geriatric population or those living with disability, pills can be difficult to manipulate and easily dropped and lost. A spray is an excellent alternative that can make supplementation a whole lot easier.

SprayLabs boasts industry-defining supplement manufacturing standards in:


The Spray Labs  Promise

Our promise to the consumer is that our products are safe and ethically manufactured. We are completely transparent about the ingredients in our products and comply with all FDA regulations for dietary supplement manufacturing.

Our Services

Supplement Formulation

Work with our experts to formulate the specific supplement your customers desire.

Private Label Supplements (Our Stock Formulas)

Save time and money by selling and distributing our high-quality in-house formulas under your own brand.

Supplement Manufacturing

Supplement manufacturing can be challenging. Get the production capabilities you need to meet demand while maintaining the exceptional quality your brand is known for.

Medicinal Mushroom Manufacturing

Let us do the heavy lifting by manufacturing your mushroom supplements.


Reduce risk and overhead by marketing and selling our products - we handle development, production, and shipping.

Labeling / Packaging

Get your brand out there and ease shipping costs with our premium labeling and packaging solutions.

Our Products Offerings

SprayLabs offers a wide variety of products with a variety of delivery systems. Our vitamin sprays provide a convenient alternative to traditional supplements. We carefully calibrate the formulation of each spray to deliver the highest purity and effectiveness. Our current range of sprays available for Private Label include:


More and more people looking for an easier yet effective way to take their supplements, spray supplements are the perfect solution. We are here at your service as spray supplement manufacturers – applying cutting-edge molecular dispersion techniques with state of the art equipment in order produce superior sprays that provide greater efficacy or bioavailability. 

Choose from our white label sprays or contact us for a custom spray formulation.


SprayLabs is a supplement manufacturing company committed to providing high-quality tincture products for our customers  across the health and wellness industry. We produce high-quality tinctures featuring superior ingredients, sustainable manufacturing practices, and industry-leading know-how that results in our tinctures having superb absorption, high efficacy and great taste.

Whether you’re a health store business, wellness brand, or entrepreneur, you can count on us as your tincture manufacturer. 

We guarantee the delivery of world-class finished products. 


SprayLabs is a leading supplement and nutraceutical manufacturing company providing nutrition businesses with high-quality powder supplements that help people derive maximum benefit from their supplement regimen. We are transforming the supplements industry with innovative production techniques and cutting-edge products through advanced science and sustainable manufacturing techniques.

We manufacture powder supplements for many wellness brands, health stores, and other nutrition businesses worldwide. Our powder products are highly effective, easy to use, and taste great. All of which help your brand stand out from other competitive products. 

Drop Shipping & Private Label  Opportunities

White Label & Private Label Supplements With SprayLabs

White label supplements is a business partnership opportunity that has become increasingly popular in the food and drug sector. You outsource all aspects of the supply chain to SprayLabs, allowing you access without having to build your own networks.

SprayLabs clients include:

Offering our quality crafted products can increase customer satisfaction, revenue, and repeat visits.

Drop Shipping With  SprayLabs

We offer both our white and private label clients the option of dropshipping. You use your name and packaging, selling sprays, tinctures, and powders to customers, and SprayLabs fulfills the order. Dropshipping is simple, efficient, and allows you to serve more customers without paying for storage and office space.


Scientific research and evidence-based practices are at the core of everything we do. Our founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Clive Spray, studied plant biology and genetics for many years. He’s authored dozens of papers and conducted high-level research into the health benefits of plant-derived compounds.

Our innovations include the use of nano and liposomal emulsification processes for our supplement manufacturing. Simply taking a traditional supplement may not always deliver the nutrients your body needs. Liposomal delivery made possible through emulsion makes the ingredients delivered in our spray more bioavailable than traditional methods.

Our products are rigorously tested during all steps of the supplement manufacturing process.

SprayLabs supplement manufacturing guarantees:

Packaging and Labeling  

Choose from our wide variety of supplement packaging options at SprayLabs. We offer single-use packets, two-week supply bags, and even powder tubs for larger bulk powder packaging. For tinctures, we have size options and glass options for the perfect solution for your needs. Or try our proprietary spray systems for a perfect micro-encapsulated delivery of supplements.

SprayLabs supplement manufacturing packaging

Medicinal and Functional Mushrooms

Mushrooms are an ancient functional food that has made a massive comeback in the modern era–and for a good reason. While mushrooms are prized for their beneficial compounds, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years as scientists and researchers have linked their consumption to various potential health benefits. At SprayLabs we are proud to be at the forefront of medicinal mushroom  supplement manufacturing


Support Cellular Health

A systematic review of 17 cancer studies performed between 1966 to 2020 show that eating the equivalent of 2 medium mushrooms per day may decrease the risk of cancer by up to 45%.

Researchers believe that this is due to the ergothioneine present in mushrooms (and exceptionally high levels in oyster, shiitake, maitake, and king oyster varieties).


Promote Brain Health

Researchers are currently pursuing the effects of mushroom consumption on mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a common precursor to Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies show up to a 50% lower risk of MCI with regular mushroom consumption.

A study from Singapore showed that participants who ate more than 2 cups of mushrooms (golden, oyster, shiitake, and white button) had a 50% lower risk of developing MCI. Benefits were noted for those who ate only one cup per week as well.


Immune Support

Mushrooms are an excellent source for a variety of macronutrients that support a healthy immune system. These include Vitamin D, Selenium, and Vitamin B6.


Promote a Healthy Gut

Research shows that the polysaccharides found in mushrooms facilitate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. This carbohydrate is not broken down by stomach acid, and is able to reach as far as the colon to stimulate that growth.


Provides a Good Source of Vitamin D

With the advent of sunscreen and lifestyles that keep people indoors for most of the day, the majority of Americans are thought to be Vitamin D deficient.

This essential vitamin is important for mood regulation, immune response, and regulation of the neuromuscular system. Mushrooms are an excellent source of Vitamin D, and can help support overall wellness.

SprayLabs currently excels at supplement manufacturing using the following varieties of mushroom:

Health Food retail stores and wellness brands are continually looking for hot new items to add to their lists of products, motivating customers to come again and again. Product innovators are also always seeking new lines to develop.

Both stores and innovators seek to set themselves apart from the competition, and collaborating with SprayLabs on medicinal and functional mushrooms is a great way to accomplish that goal.

Dr. Clive Spray

Dr. Spray has been at the forefront of plant-based nutrition and supplement manufacturing for decades. After earning a PhD in chemistry, he spent the early part of his career pursuing novel approaches to both cancer and pain relief.

In 1997, Dr. Spray began work on developing a range of liquid spray vitamins and powders. In 2011 he founded SprayLabs, bringing his wealth of research and experience to bear on creating plant-derived sprays, powder, and tinctures as part of an overall integrative health program.

He is now viewed as an industry leader, and his collaboration since 2015 with business partner & CEO Clay Kahler has steered the company toward domestic and international growth, as well as the company’s continued product innovation.

What do our clients say?

Spray Labs has been a great partner and has worked with me to develop products that benefit my family and my patients. Their customer service is very pleasant to work with (which is very rare nowadays!), and they fill my orders very fast. That is why I have worked with them for over 9 years and have told other doctors and friends about the high-quality Spray Labs products.
W. K. (D.C.)
I own a supplement company in the UK and have worked with Spray Labs to make our spray vitamins for 10 years. They always produce high quality products and handle our orders quickly. Dr. Spray is a great chemist and has formulated supplements that our customers love, and we can sell them in Europe without problems.
A. L.
I have worked with Dr. Spray for over 25 years! He is without doubt ‘the’ expert in the field of nutritional supplements. I live and work in Europe and Spray Labs has always been helpful in formulating all our custom-made products as well to meet EU specifications. They are very responsive to our particular needs. I can depend on Spray Labs to produce the highest quality products for our company.
N. K.
The Netherlands / Europe
Spray Labs has been extremely supportive in all of our domestic and international private labeling. Their attention to detail and response to inquiries is greatly appreciated.
J. R.
To me, Spray Labs means: ‘Innovation’, ‘Quality’, ‘Extra Mile’. They worked with me on making products that I sell to my customers in many countries. Jacquelin and Dr. Spray are my business partners and they have also become my friends.
E. D.
Ireland / Lithuania
On behalf of Dr. Siva Arunasalam and myself, I would like to share some of the qualities that have made our professional relationship with Spray Labs so unique over this past decade plus. When our company was looking to white label additional spray vitamins for the benefit of our patients at High Desert Heart Institute, it was based on a joint study by Dr. Siva and Dr. Spray on the efficacy of Vitamin D via Physician Strength Spray oral delivery. The results of the study have had a profound positive health benefit to so many of our patients, which lead us to explore other vitamins and minerals with the knowledge that we would be receiving expert assistance in every step of the process, world class quality ingredients, and excellent service in delivery of products.
We look forward to this next decade of growth alongside Spray Labs, and thank Dr. Spray, Jacque and staff for their tireless efforts to continue providing cutting edge products for us.
D. A.
Cardioware Science LLC
Thank you, Clive and Jacquelin, for all the years of excellence services. In all the years we have worked together Spray labs have provided excellent services in all aspects. Whether it is in development of a new product, manufacturing, and delivery of existing products, Sprays labs deliver above and beyond.

We look forward to working with you in the future.
S.K.T and J.D.
Spray Labs always exceeds my expectations. Customer service is top quality, and their products are a symbol of excellence. I strongly appreciate the staff for their great commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The literature on this can vary from source to source. However, most agree that there are good reasons to take supplements. Anyone living with a chronic illness, especially gut-related, may not be getting all of the nutrients they need from food alone.

Vegans and vegetarians are also good candidates for vitamin supplementation. Because they don’t eat meat, they may be deficient in Vitamin B12 (found primarily in animal foods), and other nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium, Vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Older individuals are another group that can benefit from supplementation as B12 absorption can decrease with age. They also may require more Calcium and Vitamin D to promote bone health.

Women of menopause age can also benefit from supplementation, as the production of the neurochemical serotonin decreases in these years. Low serotonin can cause sudden mood changes, depression, and fatigue. Taking B6 can assist in the production of serotonin in the body.

Due to common lifestyle factors, even most healthy individuals are deficient in Vitamin D, a key vitamin for neuromuscular and immune health. And most people are not eating the kind of healthy, well-balanced diet that offers the optimal range of nutrition. Supplements can help fill the gaps and offer a greater feeling of well-being.

Not all supplements are created equal. Setting aside that some companies aren’t transparent about their active ingredients, even products that truly contain what they promise may not provide them to the body in an optimal way.

That’s why SprayLabs focuses on bioavailability with our products. We want the body to be able to use everything you’re paying for. And because everybody is different, we also create specialized blends to target specific areas of support.

No, we never test on animals. We are a proud PETA Business Friend.

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