About Us


The company was formed in 2011 and has realized continual growth throughout the years. In 2014, the company began undergoing some key strategic changes. Among the most significant events would include the change of shareholders that was facilitated by Iridium Capital, LLC and the beginning of the involvement of our current CEO and shareholder, Mr. Clay Kahler. Over the 5-year period since the focused alliance of Dr. Spray and Mr. Kahler began, the two executives have steered the Company to realize a 10-fold increase in revenues, profitability and the business has relocated and built out a state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility. The Company has continued to innovate and collaboration between Dr. Spray and Mr. Kahler consistently renders exciting new offerings for our customers. SprayLabs’ path forward sees ongoing growth both domestically and abroad. Finally, we believe SprayLabs products are seen as an essential part of an integrative health program. Our dedicated research and development department explores ways to incorporate the best of nutritional science into our products, and our dedicated team of trusted professionals remain passionate about making a difference, and their commitment to manufacturing our quality products are the result of that passion

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