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Our Story

SprayLabs is an industry leading supplement contract manufacturer with a focus on spray, tincture, and powder supplements. 

For thousands of years, people have sought to harness the power of nature’s bounty for better health, longevity, and disease prevention. Then, from the late 19th century to the present day, these ingredients were adulterated, overprocessed, and shaped into pill form.

As science progresses, many people are surprised to find out that pills are simply not the best way to deliver supplement formulations to the human body.

Traditional supplements lose benefits through the digestion process. Even well-made, quality supplements will have to travel through the digestive tract, where stomach acids can decrease the efficacy of certain nutrients.

What’s more, pills contain binders and fillers like:

While these things are generally harmless, you don’t want or need them in your supplements.

Over a decade ago, SprayLabs realized that there was a better way to deliver essential vitamins and supplements to the human body.

SprayLabs trademarked Molecular Spray System® delivers nutrients orally, which means that they are quickly and effectively ingested and delivered to the bloodstream. They work within seconds without causing unnecessary stress to the organs.

Dr. Clive Spray’s work in vitamin sprays led him to start SprayLabs in 2011. Our proprietary blends of nutrients in spray, tincture, and powder form are considered to be the most effective way to deliver vitamins and nutrients which is why we are an industry leading supplement contract manufacturer.

The key to the efficacy of vitamins is their bioavailability to the body. Our quality ingredients paired with our manufacturing processes ensure that each blend is designed to have the highest possible level of bioavailability.

The team at SprayLabs realized that supplement formulation innovators also needed a space to have their nutraceutical blends developed. That’s why SprayLabs, a supplement contract manufacturer, can work with anyone to create and manufacture nearly any type of spray, tincture, or powder in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility – all while continuing to bring some of the most cutting edge products to market through our private label products.

SprayLabs Supplement Contract Manufacturer

SprayLabs is different because our products: 

Never use artificial flavors

Are vegetarian and cruelty-free

Utilize innovative spray technology

Are produced in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility

Contain no wheat, gluten, eggs or dairy

Developed by an industry leading chemist and a team of nutritional experts

Third party tested

Offer consultation services with formulators

cGMP  Facility

SprayLabs is proud to comply with all current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) regulations, enforced by the Food and Drug Administration.

Our rigorously enforced quality system ensures that the products you receive are rigorously tested and verified along all steps of the manufacturing process. Beginning with the raw materials, we affirm the identity, strength, quality, and purity of everything that goes into each SprayLab product.

In addition, our facility and the materials we use are carefully checked for microbes or any other harmful materials, ensuring the safety of everything we make.

We follow strict quality control standards that guarantee everything coming off our production line is safe and of the highest quality. As required by cGMP regulations, our finished products are tested to ensure safety and potency. SprayLabs is a reliable and trustworthy supplement contract manufacturer.

SprayLabs supplement contract manufacturer equipment


Our team of experts drive our and your success!


Dr. Clive Spray

Chief Scientific Officer

Clive Spray received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the prestigious University of Bath in the United Kingdom. A leading pharmaceutical company patented some of his earliest works.

clay headshot

Clay Kahler


As our managing director and CEO, Clay Kahler has a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur and organizational leader.

Our  Commitment

SprayLabs is committed to our customers and the quality of our products.

If you purchase one of our nutraceutical sprays, tinctures, or powders, you can be sure that it was designed with you, the customer in mind. We’ve carefully selected the best medium to match the delivered nutrient or blend. Our blends have been carefully researched and meticulously tested for optimal benefit.

For customers who seek our supplement contract manufacturer services, we work in close partnership with you through every step of the process. We guarantee that you will receive exactly what you order.

What  We Do

At SprayLabs, our business model is designed to support not just a sale, but a trusted partnership with our customers. As an industry leading supplement contract manufacturer, we offer low purchase minimums, a line of superior products, and impeccable customer service, SprayLabs builds long-term relationships with our business partners.

And we don’t simply offer our own line of products. We custom manufacture sprays, tinctures, or powders based on the customer’s desired supplement profile. We work with our customers through every step of the process to ensure that each blend is exactly what they asked for. It’s then rigorously tested and packaged to order.

SprayLabs is also at the forefront of research and innovation of plant-based nutraceutical products. We observe and analyze the latest movements in health and wellness, and develop new offerings to stay at the top of industry trends. By partnering with us, your customers will enjoy superior nutritional supplements that will keep them coming back for more.

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The Lab

Facility, Lab, and Technology

Our supplement contract manufacturer state-of-the-art facility is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our materials are globally sourced, but all manufacturing takes place right here in the United States. Incorporating the latest breakthroughs in scientific research and precision manufacturing allows us to deliver a safe, effective, and consistent product.

When you create and order a custom nutrient blend for your customers, or wholesale one of our existing blends, you can be sure that the product has been painstakingly produced with the utmost care and cleanliness, meeting all FDA standards.

Science- Based

All products crafted and sold by the SprayLabs team are firmly grounded in the principles of nutritional science. That’s why we use only the highest quality ingredients, and measure them to a targeted benefit. We don’t believe in using excessive doses or fillers that will be wasted in the body.

We also understand that a supplement is only as effective as its delivery system. For many vitamins, a spray is the optimal form of delivery. The oral delivery allows for greater efficacy because it bypasses the long journey through the digestive tract. Traditional vitamin pills travel through the digestive system, where stomach acids destroy part, or even all of the nutrients before they can be absorbed.

Then there is the reverse issue: some vitamin pills aren’t fully broken down by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and are expelled as waste without fully absorbing into the bloodstream. With the Molecular Spray System®, the nutrients are ready for absorption so that your body receives the full benefit.

SprayLabs deploys state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based product methods empower your supplements with higher bioavailability.

Our tinctures are also firmly rooted in the science of absorption. Similar to the sprays, tinctures are taken orally, and don’t require your digestive system to break down a capsule or pill. The nutrients are incorporated into carrier oils which make absorption fast and efficient.

Finally, some nutrients need to be delivered in high quantities for optimal efficacy. This led to our development of water-soluble nutrient powders. This delivery system is ideal for certain nutrients which are easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

With these three evidence-based delivery systems, SprayLabs has your customers covered no matter what their nutritional needs.

SprayLabs is the best supplement contract manufacturer in the industry. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you develop and produce your product quickly and efficiently.

Custom Nutraceutical  Formulations

SprayLabs has the expertise to harness the power of plant-based nutrition, delivering the highest level of efficacy available in a supplement. Our Molecular Spray System® is changing how people take nutraceuticals, offering vibrant health and wellness.

Whether you are interested in selling one of our bestselling proprietary blends, or want to customize and manufacture your own, you can trust the experts at SprayLabs to be your supplement contract manufacturer. Contact us to learn more about how our trusted science can boost your brand.

Dr. Clive Spray

Clive Spray received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the prestigious University of Bath in the United Kingdom. A leading pharmaceutical company patented some of his earliest works.

His work then turned toward applying his Chemistry background to research how plant growth is regulated. This work led him to his passion in using naturally plant-derived vitamins and minerals to improve wellness and health outcomes.

In 1997 he began his work on creating vitamin sprays, after realizing how well carrier oils and alcohols could make vital nutrients more available to the human body. Then in 2011, Dr. Spray founded SprayLabs, partnering with the business expertise of its CEO, Clay Kahler. Clive and his team continue to research and develop new blends of vitamins and innovative ways to deliver them more effectively to both humans and pets.

Clay Kahler

As our managing director and CEO, Clay Kahler has a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur and organizational leader. He’s assisted numerous start-ups in acquiring the finances they need to launch and thrive. Kahler is deeply committed to the cause of fostering mental health through innovations in nutraceutical supplementation.

His partnership with Dr. Spray has seen SprayLabs grow from a promising lab with a vision to a highly successful company that uses cutting-edge research to create new supplement formulations that are then brought to market at optimal efficacy.