Background & General Information

What We Do

We offer a range of nutritional supplements available for private labeling, as well as the creation of customized formulations for both customers and health practitioners. Our range of product capabilities include our specialty spray vitamins, as well as nutritional powders and tinctures, for both human and pet consumption.

In our pristine cGMP facility we use the highest quality ingredients and adhere to adhere to best manufacturing practices. In the nutritional industry SprayLabs truly sets the standard.

Facility, Lab & Technology

SprayLabs, LLC is a privately-owned company located in Phoenix, Arizona, operating a state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing facility and Research & Development Laboratory. We follow correct and proper processes and procedures that ensure quality and excellence in bringing safe and effective products to our customers.

SprayLabs employs proprietary technology to ensure the quality and efficacy of our products. In the case of our unique and revolutionary spray vitamins and other liquid products, our expertise comes from Dr. Clive Spray’s vast experience in researching, developing and perfecting nutritional formulations. Dr. Spray’s extensive background in research is an added benefit that leads us to deploy state-of-the-art technology and constantly improve our product lines. For example, we have recently employed ultrasonic technology to create superior nano- and liposomal emulsions with our vitamin sprays.

Science Based

Many companies claim to have the “best” or the “most effective” products. But how can you prove it? Since our very first sales of our Somna Spray (Sleep Support) it has been widely acclaimed as one of the most gentle and effective sleep aids that our customers have ever experienced. We decided that this was an ideal candidate product for a clinical trial. Accordingly, the Company participated in the successful study of the Sleep product in a controlled 60 patient trial. The work was done with a renowned pain clinic in Southern California and the results were highly favorable; resulting in improvement in patient’s sleep patterns combined with the unexpected, but highly desirable, decrease in the level of pain. The study results have been published in the peer-reviewed journal: International Journal of Pharmacy and Life Sciences (IJPLS).

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