You can find the perfect supplement packaging option for your needs at SprayLabs. We offer single-use packets, two-week supply bags, and even powder tubs for bulkier powder supplements!

We offer different tincture sizes, from 15ml all the way up to 60ml and beyond. Our selection includes clear glass or miron for protection against light; we provide this as a service so you can choose what is best suited based on your needs!

SprayLabs design and packaging team can create a unique label and form factor for your supplement product that ensures it gets found by intended customers. To take advantage of this service, you must manufacture the goods with us, and we’ll work closely together during the design process to make sure we are capturing your vision – just contact our team today!

SprayLabs supplement manufacturing packaging
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Build Your Brand With Products  You Can Trust

As a business owner, you rely on repeat customers. Therefore, it’s imperative that you offer a reliable product that offers value and inspires trust. This is especially true in the health and wellness sector where most consumers are looking for transparency and reliability in their supplements. SprayLabs not only offers the best in nutraceuticals, but also the packaging that shows it.

Brand  Design

Brand design is where you can set yourself apart from the competition in the sales world. But there’s no need for concern if you haven’t already established a logo or design for your company. Our in-house graphic design team can partner with you to create something that is professional, but also uniquely “you”.

Make a statement about what you stand for, or simply go for something that really catches the eye. You bring the ideas, and we deliver the look that will get your products noticed.

Our Products


Customers are vigilant about safe and thorough packaging, especially on food-based products. SprayLabs offers products that are packaged and inspected right here in the United States, in our state-of-the-art cGMP facility that complies with all FDA standards.

Compliant  Labeling

With SprayLabs sprays, tinctures, and powders, your customers can be sure of getting exactly what they’re buying. Our labeling is compliant with all FDA standards. This means:

  • We ensure that the label is both complete and readable
  • We share all required data in the information panel including supplement name, supplement facts, and ingredient list
  • You will find a statement of identity, which includes the name and description of the supplement
  • We provide the net quantity of the product clearly stated on the label
  • Dietary ingredients are labeled, including nutritional information

Thorough and correct labeling of nutritional supplements is necessary to establish reliability. When your customer purchases a product manufactured in our facility, they know that they are getting something that is pure, potent, and safe.

Learn how we can help You

For entrepreneurs or innovators who want to offer the very best in nutraceutical supplements for their customers, SprayLabs is here to ensure that your customers are getting the purest, most effective product available on the marketplace today for entrepreneurs or innovators who want to offer the very best in nutraceutical supplements for their customers.