Today’s society is programmed to consume tablets, capsules and gelcaps for both medications and nutritional supplements. However, research indicates that using oral spray nutritional supplements is simply superior to taking pills or capsules. In addition, very few of us enjoy swallowing pills, and many people are not physically capable of doing so. Our Molecular Spray System is a convenient, highly effective and pleasant-tasting alternative. Our superior formulations:

•Use no artificial flavors or colors

•Use no sugar, starch, wheat, gluten, eggs, or dairy (no common allergens)

•Use only natural flavors – mints or fruits

•Are suitable for vegetarians

Our sprays offer bioavailability. The active ingredients in our fine mist sprays are already fully dissolved or dispersed into the spray solution. This means that the important vitamins and minerals do not need to be broken down once swallowed, but are immediately available for use by the body.

Nutritional sprays offer convenience. The spray tube will easily fit in your purse, pocket, or briefcase. The products can be used anytime. There is no risk of a tablet getting stuck in your throat and no need to look for a glass of water to help swallow the pill.

SprayLabs nutritional sprays provide a precise dose of product with every metered pump. The accurate dosage allows the user to feel secure that she/he is receiving a consistent amount with each and every use. Our unique spray tube dispenses a remarkable 240 single sprays.

The custom-manufactured container protects the liquid product from light and air, keeping the ingredients potent and active throughout shelf life