Private Label Supplements

At SprayLabs, we’re committed to giving you the most competitive stock of private label supplements available. Many of our products are inspired by Amazon’s best sellers and researched market trends.

Our manufacturing facility and lab provide a high level of quality control, ensuring your private label supplements meet the most demanding standards. Everything is made in a cGMP facility with the highest-quality ingredients and expertise.

All of our formulas in our private label supplement lines can quickly create high-profit margins for any business. Our sprays, powders, & tinctures are all best in class and highly customizable to your brand’s needs.

We have a wide range of private label supplements for you to choose from, and we can customize any formula. Samples are available upon request.

Private Label  Sprays

SprayLabs is a renowned dietary supplement and nutraceutical manufacturing company committed to creating innovative dietary solutions by applying advanced science and cutting-edge technology. As a result, our spray supplements unarguably represent one of the most scientifically advanced nutritional supplements available on the market today!

We are a leading company in the nutrition industry, manufacturing high-quality spray supplements for nutrition businesses across the globe. Our sprays effectively deliver their active ingredients and help people meet their daily nutritional needs.

Private Label Supplements Tinctures
Private Label  Tinctures

SprayLabs is a supplement manufacturing company committed to providing high-quality tincture products for businesses across the health and wellness industry. We produce high-quality tinctures featuring superior ingredients, sustainable manufacturing practices, and industry-leading know-how to make our tinctures deliver the best absorption, efficacy, and taste.

Whether you’re a health store business, wellness brand, or entrepreneur, you can count on us as your tincture manufacturer. We are sure to deliver the best the industry can offer.

Private Label  Powders

SprayLabs is a leading supplement and nutraceutical manufacturing company providing nutrition businesses with high-quality powder supplements that help people derive maximum benefit from their supplement regimen. We are transforming the supplements industry with innovative production techniques and cutting-edge products through advanced science and sustainable manufacturing techniques.

We manufacture powder supplements for many wellness brands, health stores, and other nutrition businesses worldwide. Our powder products are highly effective and nourishing, helping our partners stand out from their competitors.

Private Label Supplements Powders