Private Label Sprays

SprayLabs is a renowned dietary supplement and nutraceutical manufacturing company committed to creating innovative dietary solutions by applying advanced science and cutting-edge technology. As a result, our spray supplements unarguably represent one of the most scientifically advanced nutritional supplements available on the market today!

We are a leading company in the nutrition industry, manufacturing high-quality spray supplements for nutrition businesses across the globe. Our sprays effectively deliver their active ingredients and help people meet their daily nutritional needs.

We manufacture spray supplements for many wellness brands, health stores, and nutrition businesses worldwide. The spray products come in a convenient nano-encapsulated tube and are the perfect solution for people who are tired of taking pills, have difficulty swallowing, or want a more efficient supplement.

More importantly, our spray products make supplement taking more effortless than ever. People no longer need water to take their supplements as the spray can be taken conveniently without water.

Let's scale up your business together.

If you’re a health and wellness business, embracing innovative ideas is one core way to scale up your business and outpace your competitors. With more people looking for an easier yet more efficient and effective way to keep up with their supplement regimen, offering a spray supplement can be the perfect solution for them. We are your trusted spray supplements manufacturer, applying the latest molecular dispersion techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to produce sprays of greater efficacy and safety. Whether you’re a wholesale or retail nutrition business, we have flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs) to accommodate all our partners. We help our partners outpace their competitors by providing a wide variety of top-notch spray products powered by the latest technologies and a team of highly skilled and experience-driven chemists.

What Makes Our Spray Products Unique?

No swallowing problem

Older people and children who may struggle to swallow a tablet no longer have to worry about inconsistencies in their supplement regimen. Our sprays effortlessly move into your body, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream to improve overall health.

Higher bioavailability

Compared to many other supplements, our sprays have a higher bioavailability than many other supplements due to our superior production technique and application of the latest technologies. In addition, our sprays deliver their active ingredients directly and are more efficient than pills.

Taste great

We make our spray supplements tasty to encourage regular consumption and promote healthy living. Therefore, your business will attract more sales with our delicious supplements as people desire to live healthily without dealing with a bland diet.

No filler

Our sprays are purely natural and do not contain any fillers or synthetic additives (binders, shellac, wax, etc.) We pay close attention to every production phase to ensure you get the absolute best spray supplements science can offer.

Packaging diversity

Pick from our list of attractive and uniquely packaged spray supplements, or send us your preferred packaging style, and we’d create the product. We work closely with our partners on their packaging choices to ensure maximum satisfaction and efficiency.

Maximum shelf stability

We strive for maximum shelf stability on all products to help them stay edible for as long as possible. As a result, our spray supplements come with higher shelf stability compared to other products and brands.

Why Choose Us? 

With dozens of manufacturers available today, you might be wondering why you should make us your spray supplements manufacturing partner. In simple terms, here’s why we are your ideal partner:

1. We're purely organic

From production to packaging, we keep our powder supplements purely organic and free from synthetic additives and fillers. 

2. Eye-catching packaging

Whether you want our pre-designed packaging or you have a unique packaging idea, we will work with you until absolute satisfaction. We guarantee eye-catching outcomes that will make your powder products appear more appealing, boosting sales and revenue.

3. Dedicated team

Our team of certified chemists is dedicated to transforming the industry with innovative technologies and highly effective herbal recipes. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and highly knowledgeable professionals for all our products, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best available worldwide.

4. Custom products

We're the perfect company for the job if you want a custom product designed according to your own formula. We will take care of all the hassle and delivery high-quality products that will drive you miles ahead of your competitors.

5. Reliability

Regardless of the quantity you need, we can supply our products steadily while maintaining top quality. No need to worry about running out of stock as we are always available to meet your demands.

6. Effective communication

We understand the importance of communication for building a lasting business relationship; that's why we make every detail about our products known and keep our doors open to hear your questions and concerns.

7. FDA registered

Enjoy peace of mind when you entrust your powder products production to us as we are a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Pro) facility registered with the FDA. Purity and safety are our watchwords across all channels of production.

8. Transparency

Every ingredient used is clearly stated on our products to foster transparency and trust. Customers often want to know the details of their supplements before consumption, making our transparency a significant advantage to your business.

Let’s take your business to the next level with top-quality spray products. Reach out to us today for a free quote, and let’s begin a journey of a long-lasting business relationship.