Private Label Tinctures

Spray Labs is a supplement manufacturing company committed to providing high-quality tincture products for businesses across the health and wellness industry. We produce high-quality tinctures featuring superior ingredients, sustainable manufacturing practices, and industry-leading know-how to make our tinctures the best at absorption and taste.

Whether you're a health store business, wellness brand, or entrepreneur, you can count on us as your tincture manufacturer. We are sure to deliver the best the industry can offer.

Let's scale up your business together.

As a business in the health and wellness industry, there’s no denying that your choice of tincture manufacturer will determine the quality and effectiveness of your tincture products. The proper tincture manufacturer can boost your business and make you stand out from your competitors. No need to put your business on the line with ineffective tincture products or unreliable suppliers; You can get the highest quality of tinctures made from the finest ingredients and with your customers in mind from Spray Labs. Out tincture supplements are made by a highly innovative team of top-tier chemists. Manufactured by applying advanced science and cutting-edge technology to help your customers meet their nutritional needs and live healthily. We are helping businesses grow and transform lives with safely and efficiently designed tincture products. So if you’re looking for an ideal manufacturer for tincture supplements, we’re more than happy to be your partner!

Private Label Supplements Tinctures

What Makes Our Spray Products Unique?

High molecular efficiency

Say goodbye to low-quality tinctures made from poor processing that may negatively impact your business reputation—embrace Spray Lab’s tinctures with high molecular efficiency and compatibility. Our methods of sourcing and processing product materials make them easily digestible and enhance effectiveness on a molecular level.

Superior Bioavailability/ Absorption

Our tinctures have a superior bioavailability level compared to other products or tincture manufacturers. In addition, because we follow a well-thought-out production technique, our tinctures are readily absorbed by the body, delivering their active ingredients almost immediately after consumption. Since customers typically prefer tinctures with high bioavailability, our products are the perfect match for your customers and your business.

High-quality raw materials

We understand that raw materials form the backbone of any product, which is why we do not compromise material quality. Instead, we go the extra mile to ensure our products are made from the highest quality raw materials sourced from local, organic farmers.

Best extraction

Get tincture products made from the best extraction techniques science has seen. From plant crushing and analysis to the dissolution and extraction phase, our production technique makes our tinctures come out pure and safe, ready to supplement the diet with health-boosting nutrients and vitamins the body needs.


If you have a unique tincture formula in mind, we can create the product with our state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, we use freshly harvested organic plants on all products, so you can rest assured that your tinctures will be of top quality.

No fillers, all-natural ingredients

Our tinctures are purely natural and do not contain any fillers or synthetic additives. We pay close attention to every production phase to ensure we provide the best tinctures science can offer.

Carrier oils

The carrier oils in our tinctures are derived organically, and they work to enhance bioavailability alongside providing numerous health benefits. We chose the best type of oil for each product formula and work closely with our partners for their preferences to guarantee customer satisfaction, maximum efficiency, and compatibility.

Sustainable raw materials source

Unlike some manufacturers, we are a well-established company with a sustainable source of raw materials and carrier oils. We source our raw materials and process them via an eco-friendly approach, fostering the creation of a safe and less polluted world.

No animal products

All our manufacturing processes, from start to finish, are free from animal cruelty. We are a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) friendly company with professionals who manufacture the finest tincture products without hurting animals at any stage of the process.

Why Choose Us? 

With dozens of manufacturers available today, you might be wondering why you should make us your spray supplements manufacturing partner. In simple terms, here’s why we are your ideal partner:

1. We're purely organic

From production to packaging, we keep our tinctures purely organic and free from synthetic additives and fillers.

2. Eye-catching packaging

Want to brand the tincture supplements your way? Not a problem! We work with partners to make the packaging in line with their desires and brands to achieve the most attractive and satisfactory results.

3. Dedicated team

Our team of certified chemists is dedicated to transforming the industry with innovative technologies and highly effective herbal recipes.

4. Custom products

We’re the perfect manufacturer for the job if you need custom tinctures. We will take care of all the hassle and delivery high-quality products that will drive you miles ahead of your competitors.

5. Reliability

Regardless of the quantity you need, we can supply our products steadily while maintaining top quality. No need to worry about running out of stock as we are always available to meet your demands.

6. Effective communication

We understand the importance of communication for building a lasting business relationship; that’s why we make every detail about our products known and keep our doors open to hear your questions and concerns.

7. FDA registered

Enjoy peace of mind when you entrust your tinctures production to us as we are a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Pro) facility registered with the FDA. Purity and safety are our watchwords across all channels of production.

8. Transparency

Every ingredient used is clearly stated on our products to foster transparency and trust. Customers want to know the details of their supplements before consumption, making our transparency a significant advantage to your business. Let’s take your business to the next level with top-quality tincture products.

Reach out to us today for a free quote, and let’s begin a journey of a long-lasting business relationship.