B12 – 30 ml

Vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin that supports many areas in our bodies, such as the nervous system and energy metabolism. It’s also necessary for optimal health to perform mentally alert tasks like memory formation or problem-solving skills; without it, you might experience anemia (a lack of red blood cells) because this nutrient helps keep them healthy!

SprayLabs tinctures provide a fast-acting, high potency and feature the active form of B12 (methylated). In addition, the natural peppermint flavor makes them taste great under your tongue or added to any beverage!

– Natural peppermint flavor
– High Potency
– The active form of B12 (methylated)
– Energy boosting
– Essential supplement for vegans and vegetarians

SprayLabs is committed to producing supplements made with natural ingredients that follow the highest quality standards. Our Phoenix-based plant follows FDA, UL, NPA, cGMP guidelines for production, allowing us at Spray Labs to provide assurance about what’s in your supplement!

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