Supplement Formulation

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At SprayLabs, we understand supplement formulation. Dr. Clive Speay was one of the forefathers of the development of the spray delivery system for dietary supplement formulas and continues to research and innovate in the field of nutraceuticals. We follow the science and only offer the latest and best in optimal nutrient delivery.

Our high-quality proprietary blends are matched to the delivery system that optimizes their absorption into the body, whether it be spray, tincture, or powder.
Likewise, for clients that want to innovate their own blend, we partner with you through the entire process to ensure that you can offer a product of the highest quality and efficacy to your customers.

Responsibly and ethically produced
Supplement Formulation of  Any Nutrients

Nutrients provide us with energy, and help us to live, grow, and thrive. They come in many forms: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other building blocks to health and wellness.

SprayLabs formulates any supplement your business wants to bring to market, including:

…we’ll even package it for you!

While SprayLabs is known for its proprietary blends of vitamin and nutrient sprays, tinctures, and powders, we also love to work with industry innovators. Many of our customers come to us because they have their own supplement formulation that they want to be manufactured in a trusted facility.

What sets us apart is our ability to collaborate with you through every step of the process to deliver your mixture just the way you want it, and in its most effective form.

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SprayLabs can help you deliver specific nutrient blends that are highly absorbable and bioavailable. Our supplement formulation services can help you create custom formulations that fit your needs.

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Best Delivery System for  Nutrients

Selecting the proper delivery system for a particular nutrient is essential for optimal absorption and bioavailability. SprayLabs is an industry leader in pairing single nutrients or blends with their best delivery system.

SprayLabs performs extensive testing to determine how your supplement is best delivered.



Oral Cavity

Our offered products


Sprays are at the core of what we do at SprayLabs. Our proprietary delivery device is called the molecular spray system. It delivers water-soluble supplement formulations in precision milligram doses. 

The spray is a compact, convenient, and portable delivery system that works exceptionally well for most customers. The packaging itself has the benefit of being airtight, light-proof, tamper-proof, and fully sealed. 

Our sprays are known for their high levels of absorption and bioavailability. The oral tissues absorb nutrients extremely well, in many cases far better than the GI tract. It allows for the use of both pathways, since whatever isn’t absorbed in the mouth is swallowed. 

Spraying is also an ideal system for those who hate swallowing pills, or have a condition that makes swallowing difficult or impossible. The spray is an excellent alternative for individuals to use themselves or have administered by a caretaker. Dosing with a spray is just as accurate and straightforward as with a pill. 


Our tinctures are formulated for easy sublingual application. We craft them using all-natural carrier oils that facilitate the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream when applied under the tongue. Certain fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamin D work at optimal efficacy through this medium. 


Our meticulously crafted powders are ideal for delivering nutrients that need to be taken in higher concentrations for efficacy than can be practically produced in a spray or powder.

Created for absorption through the GI tract, SprayLabs powders are made with no artificial dyes or coloring.

All products are vegetarian, and whenever possible, entirely vegan and/or organic. Our powders dissolve completely in water, with an easy-to-drink taste and texture.

High Efficacy of Finished  Products

At SprayLabs, we test all raw ingredients for both potency and purity. We verify that each component that we put into each of our formulations is precisely what it is supposed to be, and at the exact stated dosage.

We don’t add fillers, artificial flavors or colors, or any other additive to our products. You get our pure nutrients and the carriers needed for optimal absorption in the body. 

Whether one of our SprayLabs proprietary blends, or a custom blend you’d like us to manufacture, we test all ingredients through every step of the process. Every product created in our advanced lab meets all FDA requirements. 

Taste and   Flavoring

When it comes to taking nutritional supplements, consistency is key. And if you want your customers to keep purchasing your product, it needs to have a pleasant taste. At SprayLabs, we formulate our best-selling sprays, tinctures and powders with delicious flavor from all-natural sources: mint and fruit. 

Our products are never made with artificial colors, flavors, sugar, wheat, gluten, eggs, or dairy.

No artificial colors

No sugar

No wheat

No Gluten

No Eggs

No Diary

We sweeten our products with only all-natural stevia or xylitol, so that your customers get a product that promotes vibrant health and tastes great. 

Nothing  Artificial

Everyone in the health and wellness industry knows that customers demand products that are “clean” and “natural”. At SprayLabs, all of our flavorings are derived from natural sources. We don’t use artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals to achieve the great taste we’re known for. 

We don’t use sugar to sweeten our products, we use natural stevia or xylitol. Not only is xylitol a calorie-free natural sweetener, it’s also known to have a positive impact on your oral and overall health.

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SprayLabs nutraceutical manufacturing process
Tested Ingredients –  cGMP Standards

When we source an ingredient for one of our nutrient sprays, tinctures, or powders, it goes through a rigorous testing process. We check each ingredient for potency and purity, and also test to ensure that there are no harmful microbes present. 

We make sure that each ingredient is exactly what it is supposed to be. We also aim to use only ingredients that are responsibly and ethically sourced.

R&D At Our  Core

SprayLabs is a company that offers the very best in research and development. It’s at the core of all we do. Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Clive Spray is a Ph.D. in Chemistry who has spent decades studying plant growth processes and application of plant-based nutrients to increase health and wellness. 

With our experience and scientific manufacturing processes, we can create the most innovative and effective supplement brands in the industry. Your customers expect the best, and with SprayLabs, you can offer the best. 

Whatever nutraceutical blend you can conceive, SprayLabs will make that vision a reality with a contract manufacturing process and testing protocols that are second to none. 

Supplement Formulation at SprayLabs

Expertly Crafted Supplement  Formulations

For entrepreneurs or innovators who want to offer the very best in nutraceutical supplements for their customers, SprayLabs is here to ensure that your customers are getting the purest, most effective product available on the marketplace today for entrepreneurs or innovators who want to offer the very best in nutraceutical supplements for their customers.