Supplement Manufacturing

AtSprayLabs, our innovative nutraceutical manufacturing processes are the foundation of our company. Learn more about how our cGMP facility produces our patented molecular spray technology and our commitment to the environment.

Spray-Based Dietary Supplement:  A Better Choice

SprayLabs was founded on the idea that for a nutritional supplement to be effective, it must be absorbable and bioavailable.

That’s why we pioneered and trademarked the Molecular Spray System®.

It can allow for complete microencapsulation of each nutrient and direct delivery for more efficient absorption. This results in faster, more effective benefits for the body.

The spray method is often the optimal way to deliver certain nutrients that can be degraded by the hostile environment of the gastrointestinal tract. Whatever is not immediately absorbed in the mouth will be swallowed and metabolized in the stomach.

Our Nutraceutical Manufacturing  Process

From purchasing raw materials, production, testing, and packaging, we handle it all. Here’s a look at how our nutraceutical manufacturing process works from start to finish:


Stage One: Acquisition of Raw Materials

Raw materials are purchased from trusted sources, and then batch tested for identity and purity. Those that meet the QC tests are moved forward for development into our regular product line or readied for crafting into personalized customer formulations. Our nutraceutical manufacturing standards are among the highest in the industry.


Stage Two: Product Formulation

For SprayLabs proprietary blends, product formulation will begin at this point. When working with a customer on their own formulation, we will keep open lines of communication regarding the manufacturing process to ensure that they are a true partner in the operation. Small batches are crafted for further testing before full-scale production.


Stage Three: Pilot Batch Testing

The new product is tested for both potency and purity. Once passed, product production is scaled up to fulfill your order.


Stage Four: Filling and Packaging Bulk Preparations

Before assembling the final product, Quality Control testing for the packaging is completed. Then, and only then is the order prepared and finalized. QC testing is run on the final product and is transported to the warehouse for storage. Finally, before loading and shipping orders, there is one last QC inspection to ensure that the products fulfill all requirements for safety and purity. 

  • Raw materials are purchased from trusted sources
  • Materials are received at the lab and batch tested for purity
  • Products that meet the high standard QC tests are moved forward for development
  • Formulation of product begins
  • Pilot batch tested for potency and purity, then production is scaled up
  • New product is released for assembly and filling
  • Quality control testing for packaging is completed
  • Packaging and filling of bulk preparations
  • Quality and control testing of finished goods
  • Transport to warehouse for storage
  • Quality control inspection before loading and shipping orders 

You will notice that there is a rigorous quality control testing process in place at all points of production. We do this to ensure that every product that leaves our labs meets the highest potency, purity, and efficacy standards. It’s what makes us the best at nutraceutical manufacturing.

Our Commitment to the  Environment

Dr. Clive Spray’s decades of devotion to plant-based nutrition have inspired our team to embrace the principles of good stewardship toward our planet. As a result, we implement sustainable practices throughout our nutraceutical manufacturing process and responsibly source all of our materials. Whenever possible, we choose organic products for our supply chain.

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Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Organic  Manufacturing

We are committed to bringing an end to animal testing around the world. That’s why our business is a proud PETA Member and Business Friend. We never test our products on animals, and we never purchase products from any supplier that conducts animal testing.

Due to the nature of our products, it is not always possible to make every one of them vegan, but everything we make is completely vegetarian. We also source organic raw materials for our formulations whenever possible, and are pursuing Organic Certification.

Turnkey Solutions for You

What sets SprayLabs apart is our expertise in nutraceutical manufacturing custom blends created by innovators, turning ideas into retail reality. We can help you create a new product line of supplements, or start an eCommerce store through our turnkey solutions: private labeling and white labeling. We deliver the highest quality sprays with very manageable lead times.

Private Label  Manufacturing

With private label manufacturing, you bring us your idea and let us make it a reality. Take any nutrient, or blend of nutrients, and we’ll make it into a practical, profitable supplement product. Our manufacturing team will handle product development, testing, and quality control.

SprayLabs can provide in-house graphics and packaging design. If you need our input and advice, we are here to assist. Our in-house graphics design team handles:




You get final say and approval, with the help of our experts.

White Label Dietary  Supplements

A quick and affordable way to get started in the supplement business is to take advantage of our white label program. Simply select from our existing lines of top-quality supplement products, and we’ll manufacture using your label. Use your own branding and logos, or have our experts design them for you. 

You’ll find that our time-tested sprays, tinctures, or powders will make a great product line for your health food store, nutrition consulting practice, or just about any business in the health and wellness sphere.

You can sell them anywhere that you find consumers looking for the highest quality nutraceuticals, whether on an eCommerce platform like Amazon, or at a brick-and-mortar business. 

A Leader in the  Supplement Industry

SprayLabs is a recognized leader in the field of high-quality nutraceutical manufacturing. Each of our innovative and effective products are manufactured in pristine facilities that ensure a quality product.   

Quality products require superior quality control. This is why we test and retest along the product line. We check for microbial contamination, freshness, taste, and packaging integrity, as well as ensure that the final product will bear the scrutiny of discerning customers.

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SprayLabs nutraceutical manufacturing process
SprayLabs: Superior  Nutraceutical Manufacturing

Our commitment to quality combined with our expertise in plant-based nutraceuticals come together to create a line of supplements that lead the way in the health and wellness industries. Keep your customers coming back with products that keep their promises.